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SS Rolling Oil Introduction / Specification :
It is neat cold rolling oil designed for rolling of carbon steel and stainless steel strips formulated with selected additives to enhance lubricity and load carrying ability. Its high performance additives provide excellent reduction capabilities, low oil consumption, and excellent cooling ability.

Application / Composition :
EASTTO SS ROLLING OIL is recommended for cold rolling of Carbon Steel and Stainless steel strips. This oil can also be used in metal forming applications where mild load is encountered and as a bearing lubricant in multi roller mills.

Benefits :
Cold rolling of stainless and high carbon steels on multi-roll
Improved surface finish
Extended roll life
Excellent lubricity


Introduction / Specification :
Our Aluminium rolling oils are premium quality, low viscosity straight mineral oil specially developed for cold rolling operation of aluminium sheets, strip and foils. Their narrow boiling ranges and high IBP reduce the rate of evaporation which brings down the consumption of oil considerably. The inherent oiliness property reduces the friction to a greater extent and helps the metal reduction without any slippage. It is non-staining, non-corrosive and has good additive solubility for fats and alcohols which are added by the manufacturers of aluminium for the advantage of smooth productions.
Application / Composition :
These products are recommended for cold rolling of Aluminium sheets, Strip and Foils.

Benefits :
Low viscosity ensures removal of aluminium chips
Low evaporation loss becouse of compact boiling range
Non staining
Absence of chlorine and sulphur

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SS Rolling Oil can be mixed and processed as toll blending product into a final product production.

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