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Introduction / Specification :
Radiator Coolant is a premium quality synthetic radiator coolant which is free from amines, borates, silicates and phosphates. Radiator Coolant is easily miscible with water and possesses excellent hard water stability. Radiator Coolant has good chemical stability and protects non-metallic components of engine radiator coolant, like gaskets and hoses. It exhibits high boiling point and low freezing point to take care of summer and winter.

Application / Composition :
Radiator Coolant is recommended for use in mobile and stationary automotive engines having closed loop radiator coolant circulation systems and advised to use one part of the concentrated fluid with two parts of water (preferably Demineralised Water) in the engine radiator coolant or as per the recommendation of OEM.

Performance Level :
It meets the requirement of
• JIS K - 2234 - 1934.
• IS: 5759 - 1994.

Typical Properties :
Typical Properties Radiator Coolant Radiator Coolant
Colour Bluish Green
Boiling Point, °C. Min. 155
Freezing Point of water solution, ºC. 50 % solution. (-) 35
Freezing Point of water solution, ºC. 30 % solution. (-) 15

Packing : 210 Litres Drum.
Date of issue : 01.07.2009.
PDS No. 10550 - 10551.

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