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Shuttering Oil (GRADES: 5 and 22)

Shuttering Oil Shuttering Oil

Introduction / Specification :
Shuttering Oil (GRADES: 5 and 22) are high quality mineral oil based mould releasing oil with low odour as multi-purpose mould releasing agents for metallic and wooden moulds in concrete construction works. Shuttering Oil form / Form Oil / Concrete Form Oil a tenacious oily film on the mould surface that prevents rusting of mould and the release agents prevent concrete clinging to the moulds with a high quality surface finish. The oil do not cause stain or discolouration, interfere with drying process and is also not absorbed by the concrete.

Application / Composition :
Shuttering Oil (GRADES: 5 and 22) are used straight from the drum and no stirring or mixing is required. Shuttering Oil are applied by spraying guns, rollers or by brushes prior to pouring aerated concrete and are recommended for use as a concrete mould release agent with the protection of moulds from rust.

Typical Properties :
CHARACTERISTICS Shuttering Oil / Shuttering Form Oil/ Form Oil / Concrete Form Oil
5 22
Kinematic Viscosity at 40ºC., cSt, 4.5 to 5.5 20.0 to 24.0
Colour, ASTM, Max. 3.0 3.0
Flash Point, ºC, Min. 120 160
Pour Point, °C. Max. -3 -3

Packing : 210 Litres Drum.
Date Of Issue: 01.09.2009
PDS no. 30251 - 30252

Highly Suitable for "MIVAN" Technology.

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