Eastto Mosquito Larvicidal Oil

(Without Insecticide)

Introduction / Specification of Mosquito Larvicidal Oil :
Stagnat pools help mosquito larvicides to proliferate causing malarial epidemics. Larvicides, however need oxygen for their survival which can be prevented by providing an impregnable film to float on water bodies. EASTTO MOSQUITO LARVICIDAL OIL helps to provide a fortified stable film with adequate surface tension with a view to cut off ingress of oxygen to the water surface. The product in non toxic to plants marine life, animals, human beings and is environment friendly. A lethal dosage of minimum 0.001 cm thick is suggested. Recommend Dosage: lOOcc per sq. meter. Tested in Line with WHO specifications by reputed institutes.

Application / Composition of Mosquito Larvicidal Oil :
EASTTO MOSQUITO LARVICIDAL OIL is either poured gently or suitably sprayed on the desired area.

Performance Level of Mosquito Larvicidal Oil :
  • Ease of Application
  • Effective against mosquito larvae
  • Aedes Aegypti and Anopheles stephensi
  • Non toxic to marine, animal & human
  • Environment Friendly
  • Mortality 80-90%
  • Product approved in line with WHO specs (Non Insecticide)

Typical Properties of Mosquito Larvicidal Oil :
CHARACTERISTICS Eastto Mosquito Larvicidal Oil
Clear Dark Brown Liquid
Appearance & Colour
Flash Point. PMCC, C Above 70
Water Content, % by Weight 0.001
Film Stability for minimum 2 Hours Passes
Spreading Pressure, Min 18 dynes/cm2

Packing of Mosquito Larvicidal Oil : 210 Litres M.S. Barrels, 20 litres Drum.

Eastto Mosquito Larvicidal Oil application : Used by pesticides, insecticide manufacturing, dealers and suppliers etc.

Mosquito Larvicidal Oil is Used / Needs in Machine Tool Industries Applications / Uses as below:

Eastto Mosquito Larvicidal Oil is mostly used in as mosquito oil, Insecticides, Pesticides, Malariya control.

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