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GRADES: SAE 40, 50

Introduction / Specification of Pumpset Oil:
Pumpset Oil 40, 50 are blended from highly refined base stocks with high viscosity index and additives that impart detergent, dispersant, antioxidant and anti-wear properties. Besides lowering the maintenance cost, Pumpset Oil 40, 50 enhance the engine life with less wear and tear.

Application / Composition of Pumpset Oil:
Pumpset Oil 40, 50 are recommended for use as crankcase oil for slow, medium and high speed stationary diesel engines, e.g. as Pump Set Oil, Generator Set Oil etc.

Performance Level of Pumpset Oil: Pumpset Oil 40, 50 meet the performance level of API CC/SC, IS: 13656-2002, EPL-1/EDL-1, SAE 40, 50.

Typical Properties of Pumpset Oil:
CHARACTERISTICS Pumpset Oil 40 Pumpset Oil 50
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C., cSt, 14.0 19.0
Flash Point, COC,°C, Min. 220 220
TBN, mg KOH / gm. 5.0 5.0
Pour Point, °C Max. (-) 6 (-) 6

Packing of Pumpset Oil: 210 Litres Drum.
Date of issue : 01.07.2009.
PDS No. 10630 - 10631

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