Technical Support

A team of young qualified staff under the guidance of experienced staff of national repute helps us constantly improve our manufactured products so that we are in step with competiton.

Technology is the superstructure of science and scientific knowledge with application engineering are the engines of industrial growth.
Our growth over the last three dacades has been predicated by how we have kept pace with progressive developments in our field of activity.

Additive Business:
We are possibly the only exporter of Metal Sulfonates in the country. The consistency in our quality is as a result of Total Quality Approach (TQA) adopted at our Panvel Plant. Besides meeting the requirements of local multinationals, we are exporting our manufactured goods to more than 8 countries spread over three continents.

Automotive Lubricants are specification bound and the current technology, locally developed and implimented by us, to meets the latest international standards.

Industrial Lubricants and Metal Working Products are our forte. Our more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing additives make us second to none in formulating and marketing value for money products.